Facade ornaments

Reszto has reproduced and restored a lot of facade ornaments for many clients.

Because the models are restored before we make a mould these are perfect models of balconycorbels or windowornaments.

We cast these facade ornaments in a composite material, a durable, low maintenance material. This composite also called polystone, is easy to paint and requires less maintenance than wood or ceramic.

Reszto has years of experience in making moulds of ornaments and has a showroom where many of these decorative elements are exhibited.

If you want to restore or enhance your monumental building with facade ornaments with Reszto you are at the right spot. We have a lot of moulds of ornamentation and can reproduce any numbers in composite.

The different kind of ornaments we manufacture include window ornaments, balcony ornaments, keystones, gutter brackets and many other types ..